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Above pictures from left to right: Earthshine, Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Gibbous Moon, Saturn


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>> Photos of the Lunar Eclipse that took place on December 10, 2011 can be found in this gallery

>> Jupiter's cloud band reappears - check out this figure to see for yourself. Read more

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This Website

This website is a showcase of my astrophotos and a resource for anyone who wants to learn about astrophotography. Here, you can find basic information about what to do to take your own astrophotos, and links to other resources on astrophotography. As I take more pictures, I will add them to this site. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures and find the information on this site helpful.

Astrophoto Galleries

Showcase Gallery

Showcase Gallery - A showcase of selected images from all galleries. (Click on photo to enter gallery)


Moon (Film) - This Photo Gallery contains film images of the moon taken either at the prime focus of my 8 inch SCT or with eyepiece projection through the same telescope, the latter yielding more up-close pictures of the moon. Left photo: Tip of Crescent Moon. (Click on photo to enter gallery)

Planets and Sun

Planets and Sun (Film) - Here, you'll find astrophotos of the planets, and the sun during two special events: the Venus Transit of 2004 (picture to the left) and the total solar eclipse of 1999. (Click on photo to enter gallery)

Deep Space

Wide Field (Film) - In this gallery, you'll find wide-field astrophotos of various subjects. Some of these pictures can be taken entirely without the aid of a telescope, and so are a good example of easy astrophotos for the beginner. Left photo: Star Trails. (Click on photo to enter gallery)

Webcam Photos

Webcam - Here you will find pictures taken with my webcam imager. Webcam astrophotography is used for lunar and planetary photography, and is far superior to film or DSLR photography, especially for the planets. Left photo: Saturn. (Click on photo to enter gallery)

DSLR Photos

DSLR - The photos in this gallery were taken with my DSLR Camera. This gallery includes deep-sky pictures as well as photos of the moon and planets. Left photo: M27 (The Dumbbell Nebula). (Click on photo to enter gallery)

Lunar Eclipse: December 2011

Lunar Eclipse December 2011 - Photos of the lunar eclipse which took place on December 10, 2011. (Click on photo to enter gallery)

Pictures and Text

Here, you will find posters, figures, and other combinations of pictures and text that I have created, such as the moon poster below. (Click on poster image to enter gallery).

Pictures and Text

About Me

I'm an amateur astrophotographer and an astronomy buff. By day, I'm a medical student at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. I've been doing astrophotography since 1999 when I took by first astrophoto of a total solar eclipse from Romania. I still consider myself somewhat of a beginner in astrophotography, but I'm always learning more and trying new things. Hopefully, this site will inspire you to take your own astrophotos if you haven't already done so. I think that the sky is literally the limit of what you can do in astrophotography, and I'm always excited to take pictures.

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